Tea Review: Really Root Beer (Nelson’s Tea)

Oh, that’s right. I’m back from the grave! I’ve let my tea reviewing hobby fall by the wayside for a while, but I got inspiration to start reviewing again after getting the opportunity to sample some teas sent to me by Nelson’s Tea.


So many teas to review! This picture also features an exclusive view of my kitchen floor.

This is a smaller tea company that sells on their website, Etsy, and Amazon. They emphasize the health benefits of tea and offer a lot of flavored and “entry level” teas. This is definitely  I was intrigued by some of their unique flavors and offerings, and they had fair pricing – most of their teas run around $8/2 oz. After expressing my interest, they sent me a whopping SEVEN samples to try!


I decided to kick things off with their Really Root Beer tea, because A) I don’t think I’ve reviewed an herbal infusion on this blog yet, and B) I found this package of samples waiting for me after a long day  of work, so making a fresh glass of iced tea sounded perfect.





Here’s what the herbal blend looks like before steeping:


I spy star anise, fennel, and ginger! It also contains sassafras bark, sarsparilla root, birch bark, burdock root, dandelion root, licorice root, and flavoring.

Out of the package, it smelled exactly like root beer. I was very much impressed. It looks like a chai blend, but absent of cinnamon. I used twice the amount of tea to steep it so that I could pour it directly over ice without diluting the flavor.


After about 5-6 minutes of steeping, I poured over ice and drank! The licorice root is a natural sweetener, so this drink tastes lightly sweet by itself. It is very reminiscent of root beer, although a much lighter taste. It even nabbed that aftertaste that reminds me of vanilla and root beer floats. If you wanted to make it even more root beer-y, you could add a tsp of sugar, but it’s good on its own. I would definitely drink this with friends on a hot summer day.

I see a lot of teas that try to recreate the flavors of desserts or cocktails, but this is the first tea I’ve ever seen that tries (successfully, I’d say) to emulate root beer!

I would recommend this for those who enjoy adventurous tea and herbal blends, or who make and drink iced tea in the summer as religiously as I do.





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